Sconnie Foods Squeezable Sauerkraut: A Grand Prize Idea

The-Idea-ChallengeEver wonder how our product initially took flight? You’ve heard of how I noticed the need for a more convenient form of the kraut after an experience at outdoor concession stands, but what about the business side of it? People often remark on how simple yet innovative of an idea our squeezable sauerkraut is. In fact, the very idea of this product is what got Sconnie Foods rolling. In 2012, I was the grand prize winner of The Idea Challenge, a contest put on by The Eau Claire Area Economic Development Corporation. By demonstrating the benefits that her product offers to consumers to several panels of judges, my product was deemed a winning idea and was awarded the Grand Prize of $5,000 which was helpful in bringing the idea to market.Tracy-Lundberg-Sconnie-Foods Watch the news clip for Sconnie Foods wining The Idea Challenge to learn more about what it’s all about, and how Sconnie Foods got its start!