Sauerkraut Has Cancer-Fighting Properties

Certain compounds become active in protecting against cancer after the fermentation of cabbage. Glucosinolates are compounds that are present in high levels in sauerkraut; the breakdown products of this compound fight both the initiation and proliferation phases of cancer. This is done by decreasing the amounts of DNA damage and cell mutations (parts of the initiation of cancer), and allowing cell death to occur and blocking out-of-control cell growth (parts of cancer proliferation). Isothiocyanates are also activated from fermentation, and are helpful in prohibiting the growth of cancer. Finally, the high fiber content in sauerkraut aids in the regulation of your digestive and excretory system. Fiber acts as a binding force, allowing food to move more easily through your bowels as well as binding to fats and cholesterol in your digestive tract, all of which aid in protection against colon cancer.