Our Story

IMG_1440 It all started at a ball game…one hot Wisconsin summer day when Tracy Lundberg’s daughter asked for a brat with sauerkraut from a concession stand. “Seeing the sauerkraut sitting in a pool of liquid at the bottom of an open storage container with a plastic fork stuck in it did not make for a very appetizing or sanitary experience,” she said. Recognizing how it had been sitting on the concession stand counter in the hot, dusty environment all weekend for a ball tournament, fully exposed to flies and other insects, multiple hands using the plastic fork, etc., Tracy dove into this condiment conundrum. “I realized many condiments have innovated, adapting to the ever-changing demands of today’s mobile consumers in a fast-paced lifestyle with convenience as a primary player. Sauerkraut, however, has remained unchanged for the most part.” Thinking more about how people enjoy this traditional condiment began to raise many areas of opportunity for improvement. “With a can or jar of kraut, you need a utensil and container, have to deal with dripping kraut juice and most often do not use all the kraut in the can or jar, therefore wasting it,” says Tracy. Thus was born Sconnie Foods squeezable sauerkraut.   With its Less Waste, Less Mess, Less Hassle functionality, Sconnie Foods squeezable sauerkraut is a delicious, innovative new squeeze to an old favorite with its re-sealable, contained, travel-friendly, tailgate-ready recipe and packaging!