“Invention is 1% Inspiration and 99% Perspiration”

Step one: have a great idea. Step two: make that idea a reality. Step one can happen in a matter of seconds. But step two takes things a step further. Passion, Persistence and Patience were three key factors in making our squeezable sauerkraut a reality. Sconnie-FoodsFor Sconnie Foods, step one happened at a summer sporting event: sauerkraut should be offered in a convenient and sanitary squeezable form, like other condiments. Step two ensued, with the help of a few key partners. Winning the Eau Claire Area Economic Development Corporation’s Idea Challenge gave Sconnie Foods a financial helping hand as well as a great deal of positive publicity. CVTC’s Applied Technology Center in Eau Claire, WI, has served as a center for the growth of startup technologies, including Sconnie Foods. The building has been instrumental in providing the proper space and equipment for us to work, experiment, and develop. Also notable in Sconnie Foods’ success is The Discovery Center, a program run by UW-Stout. The organization is considered to be “the applied research and applied technology arm of the university” with the ability to “bring in resources both intellectual and physical from each of the colleges,” explains director Randy Hulke. Learn more about the support behind Sconnie Foods! http://chippewa.com/business/businessreport/idea-nets-lundberg-idea-challenge-prize-and-a-new-product/article_6e55c428-602e-11e2-9a99-001a4bcf887a.html#.Ubkx3tDlkcs.email